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Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for Your Children

Traditionally, kids have to wait for a whole year to celebrate their big day in life. This is the day they probably set their eyes on the world and as always it is a special day that cannot be compared to any day. They probably want to celebrate this day in one of the most unique ways possible. As a parent. You have the obligation to ensure that your kid’s birthday is one in a million and as such you have to go through several birthday ideas to ensure his or her day becomes a success. Here are se of the awesome birthday ideas that will make your kid’s day memorable:kids birthday party ideas

Wet and Wild Wipe-out Party

This idea was inspired by ABC’S wipe-out and it can make any kid smile. With the bouncing balls, slippery slides that end into a pool of water and other numerous opportunities of getting wet, this birthday idea is great for kids who want to keep cool.

Paint the House

Generally, kids love colors and nothing fascinates them like the sight of beautiful colors blended in a fashionable way to attract their attention. So why don’t you bring that fun to his or her birthday party?  You can hire a paint expert and ask him to do the job for you if you are not good at painting and blending colors. You can also make your own DIY colored powder, fill them into small bags and ask every kid who attends the party to through them around. You can imagine the sight of such beautiful color theme surrounding your house or kid’s room.

A Football Birthday Party

This birthday idea is great for you little son who loves playing football. You can organize for a small football match with his friend on your backyard and decorate his room with some of his favorite foot team colors. Decorate his cake in a football theme and be sure he will never forget this day.

A Rainbow Birthday Party

This birthday idea is ideal for both boy and girl child. It is easy to plan and execute than other birthday party themes. All you need is colorful decorative items such as paper lanterns, balloons, dot pinwheels, and one of a kind party hats to make his or her birthday cheerful.

Lego Party

No kids doesn’t love playing with Legos. Make your kid’s birthday party memorable by inviting friends and letting them make beautiful house designs using Legos.…

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Tips on Choosing Awesome Halloween Costume for Your Kids

Choosing the right Halloween costume for your kids may not be an easy task especially if it your first time. While kids may not have a specific look that they love, there are a number of considerations that you may be forced to make concerning comfort, safety, and all round affordability. Here are a few tips that will help you shop for the perfect costume for your halloween costumes

Choose a Costume that is Flame Resistant

Whether your kids will be trick-or-treating or just attending Halloween parties, there are high chances that they will encounter lit lanterns and other decorations with heated features or flames. Although they may not come in direct contact with flames, it is essential that you choose outfits that are flame resistant. This may also be a great reason to look for an all-inclusive outfit from a local store rather than buying a variety of crafting materials that are not well designed to resist flames.

Consider the Weather

Even if you live in a region that is prone to extended summers, always keep the cold weather in mind. Choose a costume that has multiple layers or that is big enough to be worn over regular clothes so that kids can keep warm when the weather changes. Kids will have much fun if they go out from door to door without chattering their teeth.

Shop Around for Halloween Costumes Ideas

This is a great idea especially if you are a novice in the industry. Stop by different stores that sell Halloween costumes and get a few ideas that may help you choose the appropriate costumes for your kids. At the stores, you will find large sections of pre-packaged or complete ensembles as well as several pieces of separates that you can piece together and create a good look for your child.

Familiarize Yourself With Store Policies

Costume sizes may vary widely from one manufacture and stores to another. For instance, a costume size that may fit well from one store or brand can prove to be big from another brand. Always look for size charts that have the exact body measurements. In case you may need to return the costume due to unavoidable reasons, it is essential that you know the return policies of the store. If you bought a costume online and it does not fit your kid well, make sure you buy from an online store that will not charge you restocking fees and that the costume can be returned and exchange in time before the Halloween festivals begin.

Look for Safe and Child-Appropriate Accessories

When buying costumes, make sure that the costume you buy does not heavily rely on accessories. For instance, you wouldn’t want your young kid to move around carrying a heavy plastic sword all night for people to identify him or her. The accessories you choose should be easy to carry, easy to do away with when possible, and above all should be safe.…

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What Differentiates Theme Parks From Amusement Parks?

universal theme park Theme park or amusement parks? Have you ever thought about the difference between the two terms? Well, some people might argue that the two are similar but I and a few friends have a different opinion regarding the two terms. Amusement and theme park are the same except that in theme parks there is the addition of themes. Both parks provide entertainment, outdoor amusement, and rides. For most people, these parks are the same and there is no difference.

Even though theme parks and amusement parks may seem similar, there is, however, a slight difference between the two. So what are the difference between theme parks and amusement parks? Though slight, these are what differentiates theme parks from amusement parks.


This is the most obvious differentiator. Theme parks make use of themes for and around attraction sites and rides while amusement parks are just bare without themes. Some of the themes used in theme parks include characters, whimsical architecture, landscaping, coloring, and many more.


Theme parks often try to tell stories by use of themes. However, in amusement parks, storytelling cannot be easily understood. Amusement parks often use a brand or name that describes what a ride feels like.


Most theme parks are often large than amusement parks. This is because theme parks use themes to tell their story. The use of themes calls for a larger space as compared to amusement parks that do not require much space. This is not a general rule for theme parks, but still, most themes parks are far much bigger than the amusement parks.


Most if not all theme parks are divided into sections with each section having its own look and feel. However, amusement parks in most parts are in a unified setup and do not have sections.

kids theme parks


The thrill factor also plays a big role in differentiating theme parks from amusement parks. People find more thrill in amusement parks with generally more rides and roller coasters than theme parks.  Theme parks, however, make use additional themes to create the thrill factor.

Today, the difference between theme parks and amusement parks may be blurred as more theming is used to provide specific attractions in amusement parks. However, there is a big difference in what I expect from the two parks. There are many thrills at amusement parks while in theme parks you can be encompassed with the beautiful setup.…

Trampoline Park: A Place Full of Fun and Healthy Activities

trampoline worldEveryone needs to get out and change their environment and find a little adventure or try something new. The good thing is that you don’t need to travel far to get out of your routine activities. Trampoline parks are an amazing place to visit and they can be found close to you or you can opt to travel to another place if at all you have experienced the fun in one that is around you.

Whether you are looking for an amazing place to enjoy a new sport, workout, or a place to celebrate, Trampoline Park has all that you need. It could be just a walk, jump, or skip from downtown thus making it an amazing day trip destination.

Trampoline Park offers a variety of fun activities for all ages and abilities and is a perfect place to take out your family or friends. To understand how much fun you can experience at Trampoline Park, here are the top most fun activities that take place in this park:

Open jump

Open jumps include access to open jump courts, with the jump times ranging from 15 to 30 minutes as well as other fun activities provided at the facility.

Foam zones

Playing in the foam zones involves leaping from the trampoline runaway and falling into a pit filled with 10,000 cubes of foam, making it a soft landing. Trampoline foam zone is a perfect place to boost jumping skills and tricks in a better and safe way.

Birthday parties

Better than bouncing castles, by bounds and leaps, Trampoline Park provides a variety of birthday party options for both kids and adults, so people can celebrate the birthday in a fun, unique, and safe facility. All you need is to bring your guests and a cake and the rest will be done by the facility’s staff.jump trampoline park


Are you looking for a low-impact workout that will be gentle on your muscles and joints? Trampoline Park offers aerobic workouts that combine core exercises, calisthenics, and strength- building workouts. Aerobic exercises at Trampoline Park will help you burn calories for a healthy body weight.

Trampoline parks also host group events and several other special events. To get more information about trampoline parks around your place, search the internet and plan a visit as soon as you can.…

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An Amusement Park Is A Perfect Choice For Fun

It is summer time and that means you have plenty of time to spend with your family. You are probably looking for a great way to engage your family and friends in a classic fun rather than staying home and watch the entire summertime fade away. You could be just looking for a great place to drive away the stress caused by pressure at your workplace and several other factors. If you are one of those looking for a perfect place to have fun, then amusement parks are a perfect choice for fun you can ever get anywhere in the world.theme park

Amusement parks are one of the best tourist attraction areas in the world, with thousands of visitors flocking to different parks around the world to have an experience of fun offered at these parks. Amusement parks provide a variety of thrill, shows, attractions, foods, drinks, and casual family rides that are perfect for everyone.

Whether you are looking to go out during winter and experience warm drinks and spending nights in snow-covered cottages or you are going out during the peak season during summertime for water rides and heart-stopping experience on roller coasters, amusement parks are an ideal place for every to visit and have fun with lots of memories for family and friends to enjoy.

So why are amusement parks a perfect choice for fun?

There are tons of reasons why amusement parks are a perfect choice for fun and I cannot exhaust them in this single post. Here are some of the reason why amusement parks are a perfect choice for fun:

Amazing engineering

Generally, amusement parks are a visual feast. The multicolored rides, bright flashing lights, and the beautiful designs are out of the world. One of the reasons why most people love visiting amusement parks is the great engineering works they see. From the queues to the entire attraction, each part of an amusement park is designed to perfection and appeals to the eyes.

Adrenaline rush

This is one of the amazing feelings in the world. You experience fear followed by the best feeling of survival ever. The feeling of surviving multiple inverted loops, big vertical drops and scary spins gives the craziest adrenaline rush you can ever get anywhere. This feeling is usually addictive and you would wish to experience again and again. Amusement parks give us a thrill you can ever get anywhere else, and that is why most people love them so much.

Sober fun

When at amusement parks, you don’t need to be tipsy to enjoy. You just experience adventurous, child-like moments, for which you just need to look deep within yourself. Amusement parks are fun. You can just visit them with people half your age but in the end feel like you are all at par. You can move virtually anywhere, jump and splash in the water, unwind, and let loose of yourself. Generally, there is no restriction on what you can do there.amusement park rides

Lifetime Memories

An outing to an amusement park is a memorable event that lasts long in our minds. From the trip to the actual rides and entertainment, it is something you will never forget and the thought of these memories has proven to bring a lot of joy than even buying yourself something.

There are several other reasons why amusement parks are a perfect choice for fun and why everyone needs to find the time and visit them. You will simply enjoy the moment and let go all your worries as you have fun.…

Organize A Children’s Party At Family Fun Zone

Talk To Your Child.

For no reason should he forget that he is the center of the party? So the tastes of the little one, and not their own, should prevail.

Marisol Gomez, academic director of Jamboree, recommends: “Be very aware of who your son is, what his character is like and what he would like to live that day in the company of his parents and friends.”



Do not think that because it is a children’s party you can improvise and leave everything for the last minute since it is necessary that the reservations of places, the hiring of services and purchases are sometimes made with, at least, two months in advance.



Before hiring any service and buying any decorative object, establish a budget and, where possible, try not to get out of it, as they will always offer you additional options that could significantly increase the initial value you wanted to invest.


Guest List.

Take time to sit down with your child and ask who wants to be with you that day; then, including the other members of the family that will attend: uncles, cousins, nephews, etc.To choose the place, it is necessary to consider the following aspects:


The Place

Be sure to specify in the list how many children and how many adults will be invited and consider the possibility of attending people that you did not have: siblings and parents of the youngest ones. “Outdoors or in a closed position. In the open air,

In this sense, do not forget that the goal of the party is to give children a moment of happiness and, for that, they must meet their needs according to their age; that is, “until two years old, children like to be spectators; then, they enjoy functions of puppets, magic, clowns, music, etc., but as they grow, they want to be protagonists;birthday party

For this reason, they prefer to carry out activities that demand movement and in which they can stand out, “says Gomez.

The Place.

  • They are a real delight; but, there is a risk that the climate plays a trick.
  • Communal living. Currently it is rare to use the shared hall of apartment buildings or residential complexes for children’s parties, because those who should work more are the parents of children, who must be aware of a number of details and, for that reason, they will not be able to exercise their role as hosts with the other guests and, above all, they will not be able to share with their son fully.

Amusement Parks, A Business That Takes The Seriousness

kids amusement parks European countries want to replicate the model of the Diversity theme park, which continues with its expansion plan for Central and South America. Colombia is the third country with the most attractive parks in Latin America, being Mundo Aventura and Salitre Magico the ones with the highest public fluency. A study established this carried out by the Thematic Entertainment Association, which, in turn, determined that the Mundo Aventura Park is the fifth most visited complex of this type in the region, but what is the reason for this prominence? Country?

water park business plan“In Colombia, there are parks of all categories: aquatic, thematic, mechanical attractions, entertainment, family entertainment centers, which makeit look like an interesting reference,” says the director of the park guild. However, taking into account the number of inhabitants that the country has and the situation of neighboring nations, Diaz says that it is the opportunity for this industry to be more visible and do better marketing so that more tourists visit these spaces and know them.

In 2012, the parks associated with Acolap received more than 10 million visitors, but expectations for this year are higher. 50% of associates report income that exceeds $ 5,000 million a year on average. The directive ensures that parks can become major tourist attractions and exciting milestones of the recreation chain. In that sense, the goal is “to show and teach parks in Colombia, how to do it and what kind of strategies can be used so that parks are visited by an increasing number of people or tourists.” He adds that it is a sector that can give more dynamism to tourism in the country.

Regarding the theme, in the first days of June, the association will develop an event with high-level international experts in the industry, who will explain what the best strategies to position a park as a tourist attraction are. In the opinion of the union leader, it is of great importance that the parks are more involved in the country’s promotional campaigns abroad. “It is true that we cannot compare with parks in the category of those in Orlando (Florida), but there are complexes like the National Park of Coffee, Diversity or Panaca that can be attractive for foreign visitors,” says Angela Diaz, who adds that “in that sense, the task has not been done well”.

The Evolution Of The Business

The parks industry has been revolutionized in the country in recent years because they are already seen as a profitable business, which allows investments that will be well paid. Also, they are no more extended spaces that belong to the State but will enable the intervention of the private sector. Then, the administration was awarded to a Mexican company, International Entertainment Company (CIE), and over time the park began to give positive results, which has allowed new investments, so much so, that in the last three years it has launched three new attractions.

amusement business disney theme parks

It has also happened to other parks not only in Bogota but throughout the country. “Salitre Magico is currently taking significant steps in what has to do with updates, equipment remodeling, new attractions, shows, making it a business model in the country, like Mundo Aventura,” says Diaz. On the subject of Mundo Aventura, the general director of the park, Mauricio Bernal, says that the fruits have been given thanks to the fact that he has reinvested all the surpluses of the park in the same facilities and the acquisition of new attractions. He argues that it was the first park to develop the concept of the ming in Colombia, so it is a space divided into several worlds focused on teaching and play.

Bernal explains that the business model is based on a value proposition that is presented to clients of different levels: corporate, government, compensation funds, among others., “As the parks generate a great movement of visitors, they are striking for the entrance of sponsors because of the flexibility of the brands of those clients and for the target that manages the business, family”.

amusement parkwater theme park Other than that our tickets, passports and the organization of children’s parties. Also, “we have the farm where people interact with animals, therapy programs for people with some disability, the area of corporate events, concert area or shows and we make and sell Christmas systematization or any other type for advertising agencies and shopping centers.” In the same way, Diversity does a city at scale so that children assume the different roles of society.

The manager of Marketing of Diversity, Andres Mauricio Castaneda, says that the success is due to the investment of the private sector in each of the spaces that allow the target audience, children, to have fun. The business has been so profitable and successful, according to Castaneda, that there is already Diversity in Barranquilla, Medellin, with its activities, but also opened in Peru, as a franchise, and with the same expansion, a model will begin in Guatemala and Ecuador. The manager of the park ensures that even countries in Europe are interested in replicating the business model through franchises.

In fact, the manager, who has more than 15 years of experience in the sector, says that it is not surprising that big companies in the world in the parks sector begin to look towards Colombia, looking for investments in already established parks or building new ones, as has happened in Mexico.